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Hard Seltzer

They're here! Craft Hard Seltzer made in Traverse City, MI. We have 3 varieties each giving a subtle burst of flavor that sets us apart from the rest. Crafted to give you a bubbly fresh experience with a clean finish. Our recipes are sourced from all Michigan ingredients, gluten free, 100% natural, and 5% Alc/Vol.

TartSweet Cherry

Our flagship flavor uses REAL tart cherries grown around 

Traverse City, 

providing true cherry flavor and a pink hue.

Cucumber Lime

"You put the lime in the cucumber and drink it all up," ~Deven, Head brewer.

Yeah, you gotta try this one.

Cranberry Grapefruit

For the citrus lover in you, we blended crisp grapefruit with cranberry for an extra touch of tart.