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We offer home delivery of our hard seltzer's and beer from Traverse City to your door step.  We service most of the US with a handful of exceptions.  Please visit the link below to see our store.





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Michigan is our home state and we want to show how awesome Michigan is.  All of our seltzers have the Pure Michigan designation by using sugar grown in Michigan.  Our seltzers have 0 grams of added sugar, but we have to use something to make alcohol.


Hard Seltzers

They're here! Craft Hard Seltzer made in Traverse City, MI. We have 3 varieties each giving a subtle burst of flavor that sets us apart from the rest. Crafted to give you a bubbly fresh experience with a clean finish. Our recipes are sourced from all Michigan ingredients, gluten free, 100% natural, and 5% Alc/Vol.


TartSweet Cherry

Our flagship flavor uses REAL tart cherries grown around 

Traverse City, 

providing true cherry flavor and a pink hue.

Cucumber Lime

"You put the lime in the cucumber and drink it all up," ~Deven, Head brewer.

Yeah, you gotta try this one.

Cranberry Grapefruit

For the citrus lover in you, we blended crisp grapefruit with cranberry for an extra touch of tart. 

Winter Variety Pack.jpg


Hard Seltzers

We love hard seltzer and we think you do too.  We're pushing the envelope and making unique and never done before flavors of hard seltzer.  We're going to continue this trend by coming out with seasonal hard seltzers!  Just like seasonal craft beer, its time for seasonal craft hard seltzer.

Peppermint Bark

We put Swiss Chocolate and Peppermint flavors together to mimic this awesome dessert.  The chocolate comes through in flavor and color.

Ginger Snap

The mixture of Ginger, Macadamia, and Cinnamon tastes just like a ginger snap cookie.