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Emotional Support Animal DIPA

Emotional Support Animal DIPA

A double IPA done right. As in all our brews, our key element is balance... not the easiest thing to do in a DIPA. This ale has all the flavors you love in beer turned up a few notches.




Malty rich flavors but the hops were not skimped on.


87 IBUs

Pairs With:

Naps and deep thinking


2-Row, Vienna, Crystal 60, Crystal 20, Carapils


Centennial, Cashmere, Crystal, Cascade, Amarillo

The brewers don't care for your standard DIPA's. Doubling all ingredients sounds great on paper, but when it comes to the financials behind a DIPA you'll often see it doubled in grain but not in hops due to the price of hops. When we decided to make one, we decided to do it our way: True Doubling of All Ingredients. It's not cheap to make, but we find that its worth it.

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