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Hessian Revelry

Hessian Revelry

Just in time for Winter, a classic Dunkel brewed with Toasted Pecans to tickle your taste buds. Pairs well with any holiday meal or sitting around a fire with friends.




A Nutty celebration paired with a traditional German backbone of maltiness


12 IBUs

Pairs With:

Any holiday meal and GW's Little White Lie


Pilsner Malt, Munich 10, Munich 20



On Christmas morning 1776, General George Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack the Hessians, hired mercenaries for the British crown. He chose Christmas morning because the knew that the Hessians, after reveling the night before, would not be up for a fight. Lore has it, they were drinking a Dunkel with Toasted Pecans. A counterpart to GW's Little White Lie, Hessian Revelry honors both side of the story as a delightful, tasty winter offering.

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