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The Brewery

MiddleCoast Brewing Company

We wanted to give our loyal customers, friends, and family a look inside the brewing operations at MiddleCoast.  This page will outline our brewhouse, fermenters, bright tanks, packaging equipment, variety packaging, barrel aging, and pilot system.  We have alot of fun brewing and if you have a question on anything don't hesitate to ask!

Lets get to it!

The Brewhouse

We have a 3 Vessel, 15 BBL brewing system that is American made.  Our Hot Liquor Tank and Brew Kettle is direct fired by using natural gas.  The brewhouse has all manual valves (no automated processes here) which keeps our brewers hopping (pun intended).  Once a batch of beer or seltzer is complete, we cool the batch using a heat exchanger and recoup the heat by adding the water back to our HLT.

Now off to fermentation!


Never can you have enough fermentation vessels. We have 3 fermenters that hold 30 barrels (930 gallons), 4 that hold 15 barrels and 2 that hold a single barrel.  All of our fermenters are glycol jacketed to control the temperature during fermentation, it produces a lot of heat!

Now off to the Bright Tanks!

Bright Tanks

After fermentation we clarify and carbonate the beers.  We have 4 bright tanks.  For most of our beers, they will clarify for a few days followed by a filter into another tank.  Then we add the bubbles using a carbonation stone and its ready for packaging.


We offer our products in 15.5 gallon kegs, 5.15 gallon kegs, 16 oz cans, and 12 oz cans. Our canning line is the FLEX model made by Microcanner.  With an output of a case a minute Gladys (yes we named her) can go through a batch in no time.  Gladys will do any can size, 12oz sleek or 16oz standard are what she does for us. 

Barrel Aging

We have a small barrel aging program where we make truly magical concoctions. We mainly use bourbon barrels, but we on occasion find some unique ones that have held red wine or even blackberries. 


MiddleCoast also makes all our own spirits with our still. It can take 26 gallons of fermented goodness and pull out the alcohol to make vodka, gin, whiskey, and so many other spirits. 

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