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The History

When our founders, Deven and Joel, met they had both been brewing already for 15 years. Sharing a passion for beer, they met and started brewing together in 2009 as they were each starting their own hop farms in Leelanau County. In 2014 they started a small contract brewery named Crooked Barn Brewing. Deven comes at brewing from the artistic side (he went to art school) and had much experience in beer industry. Joel approaches brewing from the side of the science (he went to science school) and brought electrical and mechanical skills to the table. When Deven met Fred, our third founder, Crooked Barn became a stepping stone to creating MiddleCoast Brewing Company.  After growing MiddleCoast for 5 years, Fred retired, selling Joel and Deven full ownership of MiddleCoast as a brewery and new distillery. They keep it growing with the goal of making it the center of a strong, diverse community sharing a love of fun, support and stewardship. Come on in to Traverse City's only Community Brewstillery Meeting Place. 

The Team

Deven Larrance

Head Brewer

Operations Manager

Human Resources

Art School Liaison


20220406_120833 (1).jpg

Joel Mulder

Head Distiller

Business Manager

Director of Marketing

Director of Foliage


Ryley Gill
"Lil fella"



Official bald guy


Joe Marconi
"Spicy Italian"

Southwest Michigan Sales Representative

Telecommunications Malcontent 


HR Lead




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